What is Your WHY? – Your Passion?


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What is an Age Adjuster? I believe we are not driven by our chronological age but by our LIVING AGE. I have experienced and subscribe to the theory that through science and technology we help create life-giving Purpose; Financial Freedom; Metabolic Makeovers; Opportunities to Serve others financially and emotionally; and provide building blocks to strengthen entire families. This is a place where Truth is spoken; Lives are being Blessed; and Passions, Dreams and Goals are achieved through Love, Trust, Commitment, Confidence and Growth. A Safe Place where YOU can find YOUR WHY!

Alert! Our DNA does NOT determine our success. I have, and you can, overcome obstacles from childhood, neighborhoods, schools, friends, enemies, bad business decisions, poor judgment, etc. etc. etc.  NOW is the time to make a choice to change the way you treat yourself: your health, your wealth and your purpose. Join Age Adjusters and Be Happy!

At Age Adjuster, the majority of our Culture is to Inspire Persons seeking their own way, Train in skills to improve Life at our Cellular Repair level, Bless Persons desiring to start their own online business, Help those suffering from Health issues and Strengthen Families. We seek methods and tools to redefine your life as far as you want. You will build Confidence and sheer happiness as you see your dreams being reached and you are positioned to help others find ways to fulfill their WHY.

How do you determine YOUR WHY?

Sometimes we wander through life aimlessly. We arise, work, eat and sleep. But, what is it that we really want? What makes us deliriously happy? To explore this phenomenon, we need to look at what happens when we face a significant crisis. Perhaps an illness, death in the family, distraught child or spouse, job loss, or another significant event that was not in your realm of consciousness.

If you are able to remember that event, you most likely experienced a tapping into reserves of energy, a power of purpose, a new surge of determination and courage you had not experienced. You KNEW YOUR mission. Your vision was clear.

Even if you had never before set goals, you found compelling ones. Were you seeing through a magnifying glass? You had never felt so focused, so energized or purposeful.  You knew you had to push forward, others were depending on you and you found a brand new exciting, in an unusual way, lease on life.

We may appear to ourselves and others that we are just survivors. Sometimes I hear men say “well, I work to put a roof over their heads and food in their bellies”; “what more do you want from me?”. They do not get it. We are ALL mammals, but not animals. Wild animals are designed to survive. Father God created us to crave more from life. On another blog page, I confront the issues surrounding addiction, the inside scope, the way out and the evil clinging to us. Today the rates of drug and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide, along with the growing reliance on antidepressant medications, is on an alarming upswing. Many of our military persons return from war-torn heartbreaking tours where they are abused and disillusioned. Grabbing ahold of a dream, a passion or goals seems to allude them.

The doomsday outlook crisis has not missed our working force. A look at our employee satisfaction statistics points to a crisis of purpose and meaning absent in most lives and job professions. This really drives the term coined in 2008 “The New Rich”. There is more money, more government support and less Freedom and contentment. Being rich is NOT a wealth issue, but a purpose driven life rich in Joy, Peace, reduced stress and earning an income doing what we enjoy. Working less, earning more and being our own boss. Solution: entrepreneurship!

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’ Let’s get to know yours. I believe it is the 1st step to determine Who You are; What your goals are, What excites you; and how to achieve the life you will find Joy living. Indeed, only when you know your ‘why’ will you strive towards giving life your all. You will naturally stay motivated even when things seem a little out of balance. You willingly will move your life onto an entirely new, more challenging, and more rewarding trajectory.

One example is Tom Hale, BACKROADS,  who states  “My passion for bringing active travel experiences to more people has driven me over the last 35 years.”  Tom admits the first seven years of starting BACKROADS, he worked long hard hours for little return. Most entrepreneurs are NOT driven by money along. We all want to be clear on our passions and turn that into a life work that results in wealth as well.

How do we make that work for each of us?

This is not a one method, one answer serves all. You will have to do the work. You must ask yourself, what are my ‘happy places’, with whom do I enjoy exploring, how can I determine if I am happy. Years ago I did an exercise in a management class while working for the State of WA Department of Transportation Data Processing Software development section. Now this is a highly technical, black and white job. Little creativity needed and I loved it. But the exercise opened my eyes to a major problem. Try it: Draw a circle. Divide the circle into pie shapes using the following guidelines.

Allow a slice for:

  1. Time spent at your job
  2. Time spent exercising
  3. Time spent in quiet time praying and contemplating your life
  4. Time spent with friends
  5. Time spent with family
  6. Time spent commuting
  7. Time spent sleeping
  8. Time spent cooking or planning the meals
  9. Time spent working on the house
  10. Time spent on hobbies

I found this to be so disturbing, enlightening and life changing. I found my circle to be dominated by the time I spend working my job. That is working for someone else, without regard to my personal time, my happiness, my family and friends, my hobbies, etc. I found I did not know who I was!

This is certainly not the single answer to the question but it is one pathway for discovering your life’s purpose. From then on and even now, I ask myself at every turn, “Am I doing something I love”; “Am I finding happiness and a stress-free living doing this?” I used to volunteer for several organizations including serving on boards. I found the politics and demands on a volunteer to be out of my comfort zone. I admit, I am not a manager. I do not like to push people to do their job, to show up for work and to be committed.

The greatest news is once you discover who you are, what drives you, it is within easy access to help others. You suddenly have more energy, more compassion, more self-control and more drive without stress. You see what it is that YOU have to offer the world.  This is your opportunity to combine your unique talents, passions, compassion, and skillsets.

Ok, let’s look at a few questions to help you further define your Why – what you value most.

How will you know you appreciated and developed your life?

Sometimes we are not paying attention to where the focus we are adapting is coming from. The Bible says ‘to take every thought captive’. It is critical to capture each thought and make sure it lines up with what you want to have in your life – what Father God wants for you. We must stand for something. If not, we will easily fall for anything. When you decide how you want to measure your life you are taking a stand for something – living your life in alignment with your choice.

When we think of what is most important, it usually is not money. The important things in life are our families, friends, and community. Interestingly, your circle may have mimicked mine – most of your time goes to your job. In our improved world, we have a vision of vitality and prosperity extending to the world. The culture of humans as designed is rooted in caring — for Father God, for self, for nature, for the world and for the community.

Look around, you will see nearly all successful people celebrate with giving to their supported charity. The football players spend time in the hospitals cheering the young children on, giving time to them. They may share some wealth too but the children relish in the time given. One charity I am involved in, Univera Serve First®, is a public charity dedicated to providing nutritional support to impoverished children around the world. And… in case you are wondering, that includes our own United States of America. In fact, I participate as a volunteer every year in a 5K fun run to garner funds to help local food banks serve nutritious meals to their clientele.

Some have the opportunity to experience the giving first hand. But, most of us find true serving charities and give generously. It is a rewarding part of finding out who we are. In 1986 I traveled with my church to Poland. I have an account on my web page. Suffice to say, we brought needed supplies, musical instruments and support. It was a very rewarding trip with memories tucked away in my heart.

Let’s all live with purpose. Let’s focus on the items that matter most. We all can pursue our passions. Most are not able to abandon their regular salary but all can add a few hours per day to pursue their dreams. Moving into the realm of ‘being happy and satisfied’ does not eliminate the requirement to be responsible – paying off debt or providing for our families. The start is to find personal meaning while serving in your current job and find greater purpose through HOW you do your part. Remember attitude is a key element in success. A change in attitude to a positive will alter your outcome tremendously.

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” – Albert Einstein

You may take on challenges that stretch you as much as they inspire you, but knowing your purpose provides the internal energy like a boat under power; it can handle any size wave if perpendicular to it. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you – there is little you cannot do when you have a clear purpose.


  1. When are you “In your Element”?

In The Element, Sir Ken Robinson says “our element is the point at which natural talent and skill meets personal passion”. When you are in your element, you are more productive, you add more value and you enjoy more personal and professional fulfillment. Listen up: that space is also when traditionally we all make the most money!

You have had some time to think about your strengths, likes, weaknesses, what are the things where you’ve always excelled? (You may be guilty of even wondering why some struggle with an aspect you find easy) Are you able to process special things like rearranging a room full of furniture? Are you a natural rebel – usually identifying where the “standard usual way” is in need of an update? Do you see patterns and opportunities amidst complexity? Are you creative; do you naturally ‘see a better way’; naturally process the solution that falls ‘outside the box’? Are you brilliant in details, precise, and excel in areas other find excruciatingly tedious? Are you a naturally gifted communicator – comfortable speaking to groups or individuals, a diplomat, a leader, a change agent, a networker, a problem solver or a technocrat? Here is a link to a free scientific strengths survey –http://www.viame.org/. Warning: the survey is very long but easy to answer. The results are detailed in a PDF. My results are posted on my site if you are interested.

A civil rights leader, Howard Thurmon, wrote, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” You may not have an innate talent for the area you are most passionate about, but very likely you do have more skill in that area than you think. Practice and commitment will help you develop.

  1. What Inspires You?

The word inspire comes from the Latin, meaning “to breathe life into.” It makes sense, when you work toward the things that inspire you, you literally feel more alive.  Let’s be clear, You “coming alive” isn’t referring to ‘getting into’ watching your favorite football team or going on that world cruise. It is so much more than that. It’s about connecting with your passion; knowing you grow your impact and influence incrementally when you focus on endeavors that “put a fire in your belly”,

We have moved into the why that isn’t about you but is about something bigger than you. Some are thinking about being the next Bill Gates or curing cancer. Even though you may desire to, we are talking about connecting you to a cause bigger than you but still very congruent with WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT.

  1. You DO add great value – Where?

If you hate the work you are doing, even though you are an expert, it does not lead to fulfillment. It is crucial you determine your greatest strengths and where you can add the most value. We often are not very good at seeing our own strengths. Ask a friend. I guarantee you have many strengths that are just hidden from your view. Think through how to apply your education (both formal and on-the-job), skills (physical and mental), knowledge (present job and from hobbies) and experience (both good and bad) to help you focus on opportunities, roles and career paths where you will gain the greatest sense of accomplishment and contribution. There are interest tests available at your local community colleges that will help pinpoint the areas where you are most likely to excel. My husband took the test and determined he would excel at being a minister – he became and loved being a car and RV salesman.

I hope you have gleaned some tools to move forward. If your passion and interest lean toward helping others, marketing, hobby sharing, etc. please consider building a website. Free Startup and excellent training. The link is here for you should you chose. No credit card required.

I hope for much success for you, find your greatest joy and live life Young, full of passion and Joy.