Why are You Grateful?

Why are You Grateful?

Being grateful is a strengthening process. You shift your thinking and your energy bringing more Joy into your life. Always be grateful for who you are, what you have and those around you. You will find Peace, Joy and Love as you embrace your life and…. You will attract excellence for your efforts.

Count Your Blessings - Thankful and Grateful
Count Your Blessings – Thankful and Grateful

Yesterday I had the privilege of once again celebrating Thanksgiving here in the USA. Many of us do a mental or written remembrance on or before this day. It is good to remember every day!

Can you think of things you are eternally grateful to have experienced and have today? I can. I am so Thankful for…

  • My husband William
  • My two daughters
  • The unconditional Love of Father God
  • The ultimate sacrifice for me by my Savior Jesus Christ
  • Holy Spirit who guides me at every turn My two step-sons
  • My Sister in TX and Brother in FL
  • ALL of my grandchildren
  • Extended family, friends and business colleagues
  • Opportunity to pursue my entrepreneur spirit
  • My ability to pursue my happiness in health, wealth and purpose
  • Our US Military, Rescue and Police who protect us unselfishly
  • Having had a loving mother who taught me life principles and Loved Me
  • YOU. I appreciate you reading my blogs, giving feedback and caring about me

IF you would, please jot down your Blessings on the comments section. I would love to help you celebrate.

The scripture “Let go and Let God” comes to mind each day as I work on my blogs, my affiliate marketing and the joy of sharing.

Please do not:’

  • Allow life to pass you by
  • Wallow in your perceived injustices

    How do you measure JOY?
    How do you measure JOY?

  • Be apathetic
  • Focus on the negative


  • Reach out to our community
  • Share what you have with others (A smile goes a long way)
  • Take every thought captive – verify it is from father God or discard it

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:5

  • Find the Good in each person. Reject the Bad – walk away.

Is There a Solution to Desirable Change?

YES! What is it you are hoping to do in 2017? What are your dreams? If they are relational, please seek a Bible-based local church or reach out to Be In Health in Thomaston, GA for guidance.

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Success via an online business is rewarding, startup is FREE, training is phenomenal and the support resonates from the entire 800k community around the world. You will be able to show your gratefulness to your customers, your colleagues and to your friends and family.

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Begin TODAY!
Begin TODAY!

The benefits of being in an online business for yourself are numerous. A few are:

  • No boss
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No Credit card, no contract
No Credit card, no contract

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Thank You for Visiting
Thank You for Visiting