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“Would you pay $100 to start earning bigger monthly checks?”

That is a message I received this morning from a very well-known Network Marketing Coach. He goes on to say that Network Marketing (Multi-level Marketing) is the fastest growing method to increase your wealth known today.

I must agree and disagree.

He is charging $100 for a 3-hour training seminar to teach you to succeed. Now, on the surface, that seems to be a ‘good deal’. And, I have taken some of his training in the past and it is sound and well presented. But, I am now clearly more in favor of training wrapped tightly within a web design university course for a single low price with no upsell!  And…. FREE startup to try BEFORE you buy.  But… that is me.

The key to any business is relationships. The instructor described who is charging stresses relationships and gives excellent insight as to how to build those relationships. But… with Network Marketing, you ONLY make money IF you build a huge ‘downline’ made up of mostly other business persons who are building their downline. The problem is you must have a huge in-person social following to attract these followers, AND they want to build a business. (I know many Network Marketers that have a good following with products but cannot build a business. Some have one in their line that is successful; then their line is ‘out of balance’ and they are not receiving the higher paychecks.

Please do not think I am ‘slamming’ Network marketing. There are some good companies in our world, with excellent products, credibility, and good pay plans. I can speak to this industry as I have tried it three times. Two scam companies and one excellent company. I have never made even enough to cover the products I use from said companies.

So, what to do? I do agree that our ambitious hard-working individuals in the world are becoming more in-tune with working less, playing more and wanting greater incomes. That, my friend, means residual income. To learn more about residual income, please go to My Page on Residual Income.

I believe I have found the answer. I am now part of a global community of Attraction Marketing enthusiasts. You may say, ‘a new name for the same old?”. NO. This is NOT an MLM. This is YOU pursuing YOUR passions and providing a method for enhancing your industriousness to WORK for YOU – Not making someone else wealthy.

Even that model is not for everyone. Some of you may just want a place online to ‘show off your photos’, talk about your passion of rebuilding old cars or cooking. What is the key to it all? What is YOUR Why?

Having your own website!

I can show you how to own your own website for about $30 per month. AND….. that INCLUDES university level training, 25 websites should you want them J, a worldwide community ready, skilled and willing to help you, website hosting, website protection tools and so much more. There is NO UPSELL. The fee is locked in at purchase and covers everything.

There are so many scams “out there” that it is hard to know what to do. But, I can tell you, paying $100 to learn how to be successful in Network Marketing compared to a yearly total of about $350 for an up and running website is a no-brainer.

Now, to the money side. Chose to use your website for your fun, hobbies, etc. and… you are not looking to make money doing it. Is that right? Well…. Let’s talk about that. Do you have friends that would love to be able to share their passions with others in a professional way on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? If your friends decide to pursue their own website, you refer them and you are paid a small fee monthly for doing so. How cool is that? Plus, you can add a small professionally looking advertisement like this on your fun site and other enthusiasts that you do not know may want to follow in your footsteps. There is no commitment, no fee and no contract to get started. You may try it for FREE. You even are given the first level training absolutely free. If you decide to become premium you open all the doors of the university for no added cost.

Could YOU earn more by unlocking YOUR passion and incorporating it into a business?

I believe the answer is YES. You could accomplish your goals, attain your dreams and become part of the New Rich by utilizing the powerful tool of Internet Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo working for you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

So….how much money you would WANT to earn and WHAT time commitment you are willing to make to succeed. Why?

There is another side to having your own website. You can become what is called an Affiliate Marketer. This means you actively promote other companies that you know offer quality products or services, AND you are willing to put your name behind. You must own your website and apply to each company for a no cost partnership. Then you place ads of varying sizes and text on your site to offer your visitors the opportunity to purchase. The companies you are representing pay you per click or per purchase for a specified period of time for each customer. Example: If you partner with Amazon and promote a pair of snow skis that you know well; and, people click on them and not only buy the skis but buy a jacket and poles – you are paid for each item purchased. This link is open for 24 hours in case they come back using the same ID and purchase a new blender for the kitchen.  LOL

Side note: once you are recognized in the various categories, you may receive requests from companies to partner with you!  This happened to me just last week. I was approached by a travel company in Europe to represent them on my pages. I do a fun travel log with a small offering of products I like that are related to travel. – I was thrilled! (Now, I did vet them and am confident they are real, honest and credible).

How does this sound to you?  Likely you have questions. I did. But, I can tell you I have been doing this for a while now and I find each day rewarding, fun and profitable. I want you to build your dreams, attain your success and spend time doing what You want. This is really a simple process with full support to train you, encourage you and give you the opportunity to attain that Freedom from the 8-5 making someone else rich. This does not even count your long commutes, wear and tear on your auto, fuel and clothes budget. I work from home, often in my pajamas. I schedule my time as I want, I take breaks or not, I eat lunch in or out and I work all night if I want. FREEDOM!

Want to learn more? Go to my Start Up page for more details, exploration of YOUR Why and how to grow your business. Click here to move to the Start Up page.


I would love to connect with you. If you have questions, want to join us or just comment, I welcome all.



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