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On-Line Business – Introduction

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You must have a clear understanding of what you are communicating. Others really appreciate and admire those who know their business and give exact truthful answers. ~ Jim Sales

If YOU can dream it, YOU can have it!

If you are like me, you want the perfect business. The business itself may be a Beauty Shop, A fresh meat market or you are setting up a Cleaning Business. They all benefit from an OnLine Presence. What does that entail? This is my list. Add your own ideas. I would like to know them too. Please add comments.

  • Something Positive – For the Greater Good!
  • Great Products and/or Services – ONLY those I use and approve.
  • No Inventory – Storing, shipping and tracking is all outside your realm.No Boss – no supervisor, no manager. Only You.
  • No employees – No supervising, motivating, disciplining
  • Unlimited Income – What is Your Goal?
  • Residual Income – Earn while you sleep!
  • Enjoy the people we Engage – Moms, Dads, Young Entrepreneurs, Seniors!
  • Time Freedom – Work from the Beach!
  • Work from Home – in my pajamas!
  • Something Meaningful – Helping others via finances or walk
  • Low start-up – FREE is Best
  • Tax Benefits – Oh, My, YES
  • FUN! – All the Time!

I have tried several different businesses. I learned from them all. All lessons were not happy times, but none-the-less fruitful. The disasters are painful but if you learn along the way, it will affect your decisions in the future. Now, I am a technocrat: I love technology. So the force behind all my business ventures is technology in the future. I try to automate the simple tasks to be able to spend my time in research and implementation. Here are my successes and failures. We want to ensure you choose wisely and not fall prey to scams, illegal or self-serving industries.

How do you select your path?

These are my opinions:

  • The stock Market – some make money. I find it self-serving.
  • The Rental Business – A long term money maker in most cases. Real Estate usually appreciates over time and the tax benefits are excellent. You have a huge up-front investment with very little cash flow for many years. However, if building your portfolio with real estate is your goal, the tax option of 1031 (trading up in the same genre) is perhaps lifetime protection from tax expenses. I will give you one example that I know first-hand. An acquaintance owned and operated several buildings as residential rentals. They sold all at once, purchased a million-dollar home in Hawaii and rented it for 2 years; then moved in for their retirement. All the depreciation they had enjoyed over the years disappears. Sound good? Well, renting a million-dollar home is fraught with issues as you can imagine.

Bottom line, the rental business is designed to make money for the future. For cash flow and reduced headaches, I have moved on.

  • Business based on booths at local Fairs and public gatherings. – I find this method tedious and very low profit. Your time is consumed by the requirement to attend each event and sell your products. Some of the products are excellent; some home-crafted and in demand. For me, my time is too valuable. A quick calculation indicates this method to be about $.75 per hour. This is like riding the train. You do it because you love it. Not for an income.
  • Network Marketer – My experience is two-fold. Twice with illegal or scam products. Once with a winner. One obstacle is to overcome the negative connotation of the words Network, Multi-, etc. A few businesses have marred the industry like the theory behind “use car salesman”. It is not incorrect but there are a few quality companies available that offer proven, scientifically sound and guaranteed products. I purchase wholesale from one such company and have seen and measured the benefits in my body’s repair. But… having said that, the business model is based on constantly motivating others to have them sign up all their friends to build the lucrative payout.
  • On-Line Business. This is the path I have chosen. I excel at research. I hunger for quality training, full support, and responsive business opportunities. This model supports my enthusiasm for varying products and services, allows me to vet them. It meets all my criteria to owning my own business.

Let’s take a moment and explore the OnLine Business model. Do you have a niche? Something you are passionate about? That is the first step.

If you want to get started NOW for FREE, click here Wealthy Affiliate. We will cover much more to bolster your decision, but you can start now.

But… We cannot skip over Goals. Yes, it is true. Success loves speed. Let’s get right in. What are You looking to accomplish? What do You want? Why? By When? Are You ready?

This video is from my friend: Kevin W. McCarthy. I have read his books, believe in his teachings and am thrilled to share with you. I put links at the bottom for access to purchase his books from Amazon for your easy review.

Some of my Goals:

  1. I crave change, new and exciting things. I am always looking for new adventures and activities. I become restless and frustrated when I must wait too long for things to develop.
  2. I need to see the fruits of my work. I aspire to wealth to change the lives of people like retired persons who have worked hard all their lives, prepared for retirement best they could with limited income and now struggle to have housing, basic food and comfort. I see me combining experience in real estate into quality low-cost housing managed by the residents!
  3. I have a few charities/ministries that I want to offer support.

Having said that, I believe whatever your goals are, they involve earning a substantial income or you would not be here on my site. So, let’s determine you are looking to build your online business and do not want to waste your time on mediocre offerings. You, wisely are looking for the BEST Internet Platform with ‘over the top’ marketing training.

Maybe you have been ‘burned’ before – I hope not. But, it is good to be skeptical as that sharpens your skill-set to make wise choices. I did not enter this industry without research. Fortunately, I have a friend who has been a portfolio manager on wall street, successful in Network Marketing and has vetted the online business opportunity. He shared with me. I am sharing with you.

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YES? No worries. My goal is to help point you to proven options to build Your business with a lucrative online following. Please read the entire page and reach out if you have questions. I am going to attempt to write clearly and straight forward to help you and start you on the right path.

If you are like me in the past, you have tried to understand the tools, requirements, laws, scams and other road blocks. Even though I come from a technical background, I found social media the wrong tool to achieve my goals to ‘be noticed; find customers; find help, and find support.’. I have been involved for some time with a unique and fabulous bio-science company, but was unable to ‘get the word out’. More on that on another page.

We have found and joined the BEST: Wealthy Affiliate. They fulfill and excel at delivering the best platform, the best training, and the only company to fully support and reward the interactive community. My hope is that the following dialog will assist you in your choice and save you from the head and heart aches of scams – some even come with big names associated with them.

I have more pages to share. Please sign up and let me know or check back in a week. I will continue to post the Best Opportunity with detail. The Training available from Wealthy Affiliate is next. Thank You

Of course, please leave comments as you move through as you desire. I will respond to each with my best effort.