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Passion. Do YOU have a passion in life? Do you want to be your own boss? Have you thought about having your own business, pursuing your passion and making money doing it?

I would like to help you reach your goals, dreams and desires. Please take a moment and think about your areas of expertise or interest. We call these niches. Click here (Wealthy Affiliate) to learn how you can earn a full-time income promoting your business and recommending others (helping others increase their business; in their niche).


The link will lead you to an online training community that is FREE to join. You do not enter a credit card to signup – Just your name and email. Wealthy Affiliate

 I recommend joining (the way I did) as a Free Starter member. Starter Member Includes:

  1. Create and host two (2) Websites – No expense to purchase a name or to provide the hosting site. (about $100/year savings)
  2. Beginner Training via video and exercises teaches the basics making money online
  • Choosing Your niche category
  • Building Your Website (you actually have an up and running website in a few hours)
  • Learn how internet Traffic is sent your way via the browsers formulas
  • Earn Revenue immediately via affiliate status for Wealthy Affiliate.

FREE  As I began researching and expanding my affiliate programs outreach, I discovered I am able to earn an income from many companies that I personally use and trust daily. Affiliate Marketing is the science behind most income producing websites. So…. While promoting Your hair salon, you also earn income recommending your favorite companies to the world!

  1. Additional beginner video Step-by-Step tutorials directing you to methods to protect your website, avoid spam, set up privacy criteria, add media (pictures videos) and much more. This facilitated me to learn quickly. I had tried the other software methods before to build a website only to become frustrated and my site was not secure.
  2. Receive invaluable feedback, help and encouragement from the Community at Wealthy Affiliate. You submit your pages to the group for comment: You have just gained a friend and associate willing to critique your work, offer suggestions and share what they have done. This is not available anywhere else that I have found.
  3. Earn Money while you remain a FREE starter member. Incredible! I think you will want to upgrade to Premium but, even if you NEVER do, YOU receive commissions when you refer someone and they join as a premium paying member. All referrals by you are maintained for life. This is not the standard methodology. Usually, 30 days is max.

I encourage you to click here (Wealthy Affiliate) and get started. Even if you chose not to join, you will have added to your personal education and may be able to help someone else.

As you progress into your training and learning curve, you may want to upgrade to premium. First, is does bring a whole host of additional benefits. Second, Wealthy Affiliate’s offers a sweet first month at $19 so you may experience the whole program for a full 30 days. Subsequent months investment is $49 or $359 a year. (but…. Each person you introduce earns you about $22.) Learn details at Wealthy Affiliate. Please feel free to ask me your inquiries in the comments.

NOTE: While I personally believe the model for Network Marketing is sound, (though many have abused the model), Wealthy Affiliate and the entire income strategy for affiliates is NOT Network Marketing. With the Affiliate program, relationships are a key element as people will go to your recommended sites (like Amazon, etc.) because you had success and told them about it. But, the opportunity is Yours and Yours alone. Others may become affiliates for their favorites. And theirs may be Wealthy Affiliate or Amazon as well.

Our community does not up-sell. The majority of the communication is assistance with Your website building. However, that is not to say some of our community may be in a niche market where we have interest. We may purchase products from our friends and online community should we chose.

I built my website around my current passion: Helping people enhance their Health, Wealth, and Purpose. I wanted to do most of my Marketing from home with opportunities to travel the world for pleasure and gaining new clients. (I personally love the USA Income Tax provisions for owning your own business). My primary computer is a Microsoft Surface. At home, I have a docking station that allows all my peripherals immediately but offers full portability without cords, and other paraphernalia.

My website has several factions.cropped-elephant

  1. Build your website – promote your business.
  2. Become an Affiliate for Wealthy Affiliates and other favorite and trusted companies
  3. Study the science behind quality plant-based products designed to increase your energy, flexibility, mental focus and digestion/immunity.
  4. Host, with friends, home parties demonstrating pure skin care which dramatically demonstrates reduction of the signs of aging

My website is still in its beginning stages. I work on it daily and am adding affiliates as I find quality, trusted partners.

Please take the leap of Faith and click on Wealthy Affiliate to begin your exciting journey with me. Of course, leave a comment or question as you desire. Thank You for following me.


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