Creating A Residual Income Online

small-teddy-bear-cactusCreate Residual Income Online

Are you looking to increase your cash flow using the power of the Internet? I can help.

Like the Teddy Bear Cactus, creating your own business is attractive and has some potential pitfalls. I want to ensure you have a GREAT experience as you move forward.

What is Your Passion? Cooking, skiing, Travel, technology, health and fitness……….? In all cases an internet presence will increase sales and let the world know you are an active partner. Let’s start with your business being a marketing affiliate or a hair salon Each will benefit from a well-developed website that serves that niche.

No Credit card, no contract
No Credit card, no contract

And the Great news is: You can build your website without expertise in web-building software. Web-sites have been simplified; I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the place to start for FREE. Sounds too good to be true but, it is TRUE. You have the option later, if desired, to upgrade to a more sophisticated web design and more education. But….. it is not required. Create Your professional looking site today!

In the case of the Hair Salon, scheduling and avoiding wait times is a big part of the business success. You want to stay busy in the whole salon, but do not want unhappy customer – those who have to wait. An online simple check-in program is a low investment solution. This sits on your web-page along with products you promote.

Speaking of products, of course, the BEST way to sell products is online. Reduces costs in inventory, storage, and customer frustration. This is accomplished with direct sales from your suppliers via drop ship to your customers. Some items may help you customer more with monthly refills; this sales activity happens without your intervention in the sale, i. e. residual income. The whole premise behind residual income is that it brings income monthly without new sales each month. (Reducing Your required time; therefore increasing profit) Some other examples are Insurance, Investment portfolios that are performing, some relationship marketing companies (IF the product is exceptional with a good pay plan); the Best in the business: Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Found the Perfect Gift on YOUR site
Found the Perfect Gift on YOUR site

An affiliate program is based on relationships. People follow what you blog/post about products and services you are using and trust. You write your review and link to the company website. Amazon is a great example. If a client/customer uses your link and purchases that perfect baby stroller, Amazon will pay you an affiliate fee. So…. You are talking about the great buy you found and you share. That’s it.

Now, if that content is on your website and numerous people see it, click on it and buy it, you are paid for EACH new customer. The commission is typically small but as you spread the word on trusted products and services, the number of people buying increases. As you and your companies grow in the relationship, you may offer other product reviews and continue the adventure.

Affiliate programs work! Why? It is because the recommendation is not presented to people from a computer match to your content. You do it yourself. You have all experienced the phenomenon of Facebook placing ads on your screen from Amazon because you were on their site searching for an item. This is similar but…. The link is coming from you as you reach out to your community. You know best which ads are relevant to your content and which products and services you would recommend. Bottom line: your readers see that you’ve taken your time to review a product or service, So…. They are more comfortable purchasing your recommendations.

To check out the products I have been reviewing, Please visit

For specific Travel related products, I included them in my Travel Blog for convenience.

How Do Affiliate Programs Pay?

All Affiliate programs have very specific guidelines for paying their affiliates. The two most common programs are:

  1. Pay per click – Similar to online advertising, the company pays as people click on links or images you place on your site. This is usually a very low paying action.
  2. Pay as people sign in – This method is my recommendation for starting out. The pay is the best and I personally am thrilled with the product from Wealthy Affiliates. So if you are looking to build a site, read on… Please check out Wealthy Affiliate and invest the time to study the first 8 lessons. Build your website and then decide if it is for you. No upfront costs; only your time and you receive an invaluable accurate, up to date and relevant education.

If you want to learn more, please leave a comment below. I am a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and willing to help if I can.

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