All Important Training – Included


I have found the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate to be university level and graduate training content. This is proven training by experts in the online Marketing and website building field who have “been there, done that”. I would not recommend Wealthy Affiliates IF the training was at all mediocre. I hold my Masters Degree so have vast experience in quality and mediocre education. The FACT that no additional costs are incurred or assessed adds to the credibility. The training is a “learn-as-you-go methodology” which encourages and prompts you to listen to a video, do an exercise and implement the concepts and tasks into YOUR OWN WEBSITE.  If you are like me; as you learn something it is best to stop right there and implement that feature, idea or concept.

I take it a step further and document what I have just accomplished and how I arrived at that point. Why? Well, as the training becomes more involved and you move on to your “Best Foot Forward” development and have an additional website for various presentations, you may have forgotten how you arrived. Plus, the community can benefit from Your experiences. Yes, even though you may be new to the internet, to web development or even the keyboard, you can be of assistance to others. I currently have five websites. One is my primary You can venture to my fun site; my Affiliate Marketing dedicated site; my Health Initiative site; and my Overcomers site at any time.

I can personally attest to the FACT that the training at Wealthy Affiliate holds first place in all internet marketing training. This includes building your website, enhancing, promoting, protecting and sharing. You will build a website from scratch; choosing your niche, avoiding common mistakes and setting the wheels in place to protect and promote your website/your business. The training is conducted online, at your pace using real-time current models.

Wealthy Affiliate training

No need for HTML coding expertise: Built in for you at No Cost

(NO additional costs):

  • Writing Content – High quality, useful, effective content
  • Acquiring and building traffic to your website – What increases your visibility?
  • Built-in Scam protection – running in the background
  • Tools – enhance your images, comments, surveys etc.
  • Themes – over 1,500 themes to select and ‘change as you desire’
  • Attraction Marketing – Companies pay you for promoting their products.
  • Social Media – Which one? How to Use effectively
  • Pay per Click (PPC) marketing – Companies pay for each click on their products
  • Posting videos (create, post and upload to Utube)
  • Call to action – Why? Engaging our readers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – ranking w/ Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Accessing and digesting Analytics – reports from browsers on YOUR site

WOW! The training is all encompassing and, guess what? It is current. Yes, the videos are available 24/7 and have been created earlier. But…they are current or replaced. Plus…Wealthy Affiliate offers as part of your membership – LIVE weekly training covering the latest site, marketing or tools available in the industry. And…if you miss one or want to revisit – no problem. All training is held in the archives.


I mentioned tools above in the list of training. Tools are essential to remove the requirement for you to understand and modify the coding of your website. Of course, IF YOU are skilled in HTML and want to work at the machine code level – you may!

All tools of the Trade ready for YOU

For most of us, we are thrilled to be removed from the tedious computer code and implement proven tools. There are 100’s of tools to choose. They include various methods to add comment forms (call to action), backup to your Cloud and nearly anything to Customize YOUR website.

Your website represents YOU. You choose a theme that best describes your message. The tools help make it more professional with guidance for your readers. Readers want to be able to move through a website, enjoy what they read and easily find the next section. These tools make all this happen.

For my first website, I chose a theme that was dynamic and very complicated. I have since changed to a simple theme. And…this change was made ‘on the fly’. No work for me at all. I just simply changed the theme. The built-in software behind the scenes did all the work. Now that is service! You may be asking, ‘but, what did that cost to do’. NOTHING! I am sorry to repeat myself but it is so amazing: There is NO UP-SELL at Wealthy Affiliate!

One final tool to discuss, a feature really. You may have 25 FREE websites and 25 websites where you own the domain name. You may wonder why is this important. If you are planning on building an affiliate marketing business with your favorite vendors, some require you own the domain name. Speaking of owning your domain name, at Wealthy Affiliates you may purchase via their trusted vendor. There are some offering domain names as low as $.99. But, these are fraught with upselling requirements and other hidden fees. I highly recommend paying the <$20 fee for your own domain should you require one. I currently have one private domain and four FREE domains. ALL are supported, hosted and protected by WordPress, the platform embraced by Wealthy Affiliates. NO additional costs.


Support is a key component for me. Succeeding in any business or adventure is based on the support available. I have seriously used the support options at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • New concepts learned – now implement.
  • Narrowing my Niche – Experts
  • Writing content – The Best
  • Technical questions – Answered immediately
    • No waiting overnight for email
  • Feedback! – What do you think?
    • Regularly on content
    • On images
    • On website
    • Anything wrong? – Recommendations
    • Those good things – Praise from around the world
  • Encouragement with ‘badges’ improve and progress toward your goal
  • 24/7, 365-day support
  • Live chat – asked and answered immediately

Now to repeat: The three above items – training, tools, and support are the keys to YOU progressing FORWARD with YOUR new internet marketing business! By now, you know it is true – there are many choices for your platform, tools, and support. I am confident in the one that has risen to the TOP: Wealthy Affiliate. The owners, Kyle and Carson, along with their team have proven to be the Best of the Best. I am thankful I have reached the culmination of my search. I am embarking on the final step to building wealth in the field of Internet Marketing.

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Of course, please leave comments as you move through as you desire. I will respond to each with my best effort.