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Love Life @ 76 years old

Hello. My name is Patricia Anne Warfe. I was born in the USA and have lived in several states and 2 years in Germany. My husband is a retired Army Sergeant who proudly served our Country for 21+ years and through one war.

I raised two lovely daughters as a single parent due primarily to the military impact. They both follow in the footsteps of their maternal grandmother and are entrepreneurs. They love life and excel in all they take on. I have three wonderful grandchildren who are each reaching out and up to determine their own space in life.

I beliPassion Profile Quizeve in Living Young. This site is a starting place for all who seek to find their way to a happy, healthy and prosperous life. The site is divided into several sub-sites with links to pages, posts and other sites that are closely related. Each site and article is designed for:


  • Truth as best I can document
  • Thoroughness as best I can detect
  • Creativeness to set your mind to processing
  • Challenging to stir up your desire to pursue and enhance your life
  • Blessings to encourage you along your journey

I am personally a recipient of Father God’s Blessings in lifestyle enhancements, weight loss, healthy vibrant skin, exercise and enjoying life! So…….

My focus is on these areas that I have experience, success, failure and joyful memories.

  • Life Giving Products as Proven via quality cutting edge double-blind study science
  • A tried and true method to escape the ‘rat race’. That is to stop working for someone else’s dream and build your dream via online Business
  • Sound Spiritual teaching derived from trusted Pastors and lay ministers based solely and completely on the Holy Word of God.
  • Honest Product Reviews for Only those products I have used and trust
  • My Personal Travel-log with stories, pictures and suggestions.

I find Fun ways to really know who I am and what I want.

Living Younger each day! – Make sure YOU have the income to live Your life as You want!

My background is in the technical world of mainframe computers. Having traveled all over the world with Amdahl, my employment offered opportunities to meet people, learn other cultures and most of all: Help our Worldwide employees improve their employment futures. I earned a good W-2 income but living expenses were very high in the San Jose, CA area.

I knew I needed to supplement my income with another income stream – But…. How to find the right company?

I unsuccessfully tried two Multi-level companies. Each proved to be a scam starting at the top. One even had dangerous products while the other was illegal and resulted in prison time for the owners. YUK!!

My technical job offered good pay but was becoming stressful as the company was bought out by a Japanese firm. Result? My stress was very high and the politics even more ‘expensive’ in health. I ‘retired” but without a retirement benefit from my company. We were to invest on our own for our ‘Golden Years”.

I moved on from technical support to managing several real estate rental properties.

This is also a rewarding and frustrating business. High investment, some high maintenance residents but also success stories of helping families find shelter, employment and Father God. I tried the route of buying distressed properties which fed my desire to build in business opportunities for other family members. This is a brutal, ugly and confusing business.

In 2013 I found myself 80 pounds’ overweight, suffering from several debilitating medical diagnoses’ and TIRED ALL THE TIME! My youngest daughter had tried every weight loss program available in the USA and failed each time. She lost pounds only to gain them and more back! Now…

The Good Story begins!

Through my daughter’s total change in her health, outlook on life, energy levels and enthusiasm, I joined Univera. I started with the Metabolic Makeover – 5 products designed to build our bodies at the cellular level with vital energy, digestion, joint comfort and smooth running blood vessels. I lost 70 pounds within 5 months, had more energy than 20 years before and was ready to share with everyone I knew.

Was that enough? – Was I fulfilled? – Did I have income to meet my Goals and Desires?

In a word – NO. I enjoy working with Univera’s Team, seeing positive changes in people. I am having fun. But… the issue for me is the inability to build a business team. Network marketing can work for many people and it is a model that lets all people earn while they use the products. They share and others buy. For me, I was not successful in convincing people to take charge of their own health. So many think pharma is their friend. All pharma products are synthetic and all are harmful. They are necessary to save your life but are not intended fora lifetime of use. Many people are put on drugs for life. This is not curing anything, just managing disease.

I have two perspectives that work together to share with you. I will delve into them in the coming pages over time. One is the spiritual roots to disease and the 2nd is the Univera answer to building at the cellular level minimizing the damage and encouraging growth of new cells.

Multiple Streams of Income – Affiliate Marketing from my home and Worldwide

I have not abandoned the technical world – I am embracing it at a new level.

In fact, my choices now lean more toward technical solutions to reach out to those interested in reducing the effects of aging, having sustained and powerful vital energy and build an online business! Ny personal goal: to earn a solid income while i sleep!

My Own Business? Yes! I highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. By clicking this link, you are connected directly to powerful FREE training to begin your adventure. They are without a doubt the leader in NON-SCAM offerings at a single low cost without up sell. The training is phenomenal for beginner through expert. And….Wealthy Affiliates knows I sent you. That is a plus for us both. We are linked and can help each other.

Happy trails!
If you have comments, please fill in the form below. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You. My personal profile is available here.

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